Liquid Gold Calcium & Vitamin D3 Supplement





Liquid Gold is a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement for birds. It supplies calcium, essential minerals and antioxidants for healthy egg formation and chick growth.
Calcium is "like gold" when it comes to breeding birds and raising healthy chicks. It is an essential nutrient for proper egg shell formation and bone growth in developing young.
However most seed mixes do not provide the calcium that birds require, so a dietary supplement may improve breeding success.
Additional calcium may affect the absorption of other minerals such as magnesium and manganese so these must be balanced with calcium intake.
Liquid Gold is a readily absorbable liquid that can be administered to water, food or orally to deficient birds.
Liquid Gold contains Calcium along with the following nutrients:
Vitamin D3 for the effective absorption of calcium from the gut.
Magnesium which is stored in the egg shell and utilised in the bones of growing chicks.
Manganese, a deficiency of which can lead to shell-thinning and skeletal abnormalities.
Lutein which is a naturally occurring carotenoid that provides antioxidant activity and the rich yellow colour in egg yolk.

In water:
Add 20mL per litre of drinking water.
In food:
Add 40mL per kg of soaked seed or soft food and mix well.

Individual bird dosage: 0.2mL per 100g body weight.